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Oscar Murillo: Echoing Spirits

02 03 2024 12:00 16:00
06 04 2024 12:00 16:00
27 04 2024 12:00 16:00

A group of local performers invites you to experience Oscar Murillo’s Masses through the chorus of their voices in the durational performance Echoing Spirits.

In the exhibition +3, the performance has no beginning or end and can be experienced whenever you feel like it, and for how long you want.

Free with entry ticket

OM HKW 2023 Industrial Park 051 LR

Photo by: Reinis Lismanis, courtesy the artist. Copyright © Oscar Murillo

OM WIELS 2024 150 LR
Photo by: Reinis Lismanis, courtesy the artist. Copyright © Oscar Murillo

Documenting an aerial perspective, Oscar Murillo's series of flight drawings—produced by the artist on long-haul flights—reflect the particular compression of time and space that one experiences while being in the air. They epitomise a fluid movement of place, driven by his desire to engage with concepts such as migration and displacement. Within the framework of Masses, these dense works on paper will be activated through his new live work Echoing Spirits. Using repetitions of powerful words and phrases, this performance carried out by a group of local performers creates the impression of rhythm and cadence. Linguistic overlays build up over several hours, creating a chorus that is both harmonious and dissonant – a reading as a lyrical crescendo.

Castélie Yalombo
Lydia McGlinchey
Stephanie Kayal
Nabil Ennassouh
Stefa Govaart
Alphonse Eklou-Uwantege
Mate Jonjic
Estefanía Álvarez Ramírez
Magdelaine Hodebourg