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Nicholas Tammens: Jef Geys & the School (São Paulo, 1991) (EN)

24 04 2024 19:00 20:00

In this talk, Nicholas Tammens discusses the project by Jef Geys for the Biennial in São Paulo in 1991 and its broader implications in his work and in his teaching of “positive aesthetics” at a school in Balen.

Free upon registration

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Taking Tammens’ previous lecture at WIELS in 2019 as a starting point, he now explores the relationships - both real and theoretical - between the work of Jef Geys, the pedagogies of Soviet architect and educator Nikolai Ladovsky, and the influential Brazilian pedagogical theorist and education reformer Paulo Freire.

With special thanks to Angela Biz Atunes and the Instituto Paulo Freire, Jorge Loureiro, and Luisa Telles.

Nicholas Tammens (b. Australia) is a writer and curator living in Berlin. He has produced exhibitions and projects with artists such as Dora Budor, Patricia L. Boyd, Jef Geys, LaToya Ruby Frazier, and Fred Lonidier. He founded 1856, a programme of exhibitions and events hosted at a Trade Union parliament; and previously held positions at the Kunstverein Hamburg, and Yale Union, Portland.