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Ndayé Kouagou - Will You Feel Comfortable in My Corner ? (EN)

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19 06 2021 20:30 21:00

Ndayé Kouagou invites us into his corner, intimately relating our notions of autonomy and self in private and public space. Where does his corner end, and what is to be found there?

Part of the programme OPEN SCHOOL2
WIELS Mezzanine
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Courtesy Ariel Feminisms 10

Courtesy Ariel Feminisms

Ndayé Kouagou is a writer in search of freedom and legitimacy. In trying to give form to his writing, he turns to performance, sculpture and even a playful sense of dress. His poetic spoken-word performances are sincere and improvisational in style, striking up a conversation with the audience that is relatable and provoking at the same time. In Will You Feel Comfortable in My Corner?, Kouagou questions the need for comfort and – more importantly – the boundaries of the private space that delineates a corner. Where does his corner end what is to be found there? “I don’t know if my corner is universal, I’ve never been in someone else’s corner. That’s maybe the problem with always bringing your own, you’ll never experience any other,” Kouagou states rather ambiguously. Inviting the audience into the thought experiments that make up his corner, he intimately relates our notions of autonomy and self in private and public space.


With the support of Karen Vestergaard and Nina Wöhlk

Ndayé Kouagou (b. 1992, FR, Based in Paris) is an artist and performer based in Paris. His practice always starts from texts of which he is the author. His work will be included in the upcoming Athens and Riga Biennales and in Move Festival at the Centre Pompidou (Paris). He has presented his work among others at Auto Italia, South East (London), Centrale Fies (Dro/Italy) and Lafayette Anticipation (Paris) where he also launched his publishing project YBR* (Young Black Romantics). He is represented by Nir Altman (Munich).