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Museum Night Fever at WIELS

Guided tour
22 10 2022 18:00 0:00

In dialogue with the exhibition Instrumental by Shimabuku, the installation Imaginarium by Amadeo Kollectif will take you on a floating journey through your own imagination. To bring you back down to earth, you can brush up on your contemporary art knowledge at Didier Vermeiren’s exhibition Double Exposition with the help of the standing guides!

Programme update: Schroothoop’s concert has been cancelled. Instead, Synapses, a motley trio from Brussels, will give a live show in dialogue with Shimabuku's exhibition.

Discover the programme below.
Tickets via website Museum Night Fever or available at the WIELS reception desk.

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Amadeo Kollectif


In collaboration with Amadeo Kollectif

Join the workshop given by Amadeo Kollectif and build together the installations that materialise imagination!

The unusual sculptures and artistic installations of the Imaginarium are poetic and fascinating. They have something incomprehensible and intangible, but at the same time, everyone sees something different in them. The Imaginarium arouses your curiosity and awakens the imagination.

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19:30-20:30 | STANDING GUIDES

Need a word of explanation or just feel like sharing your findings and interpretations about the temporary exhibitions? Let the WIELS guides accompany you with a ​“Goeiendag-Bonjour” and together you can break down your barriers to experience contemporary art!

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Aurélien Frérot

21:30-22:30 | CONCERT – SYNAPSES *Free

Update: the concert by Schroothoop has been CANCELLED

Synapses is a Brussel-based motley trio focusing on instant composition. Their means include sound sculpture, flute, an imaginary language, electronics, and a visual world based on inks, oils, and layering. They create a spontaneous music and a visual world where classical music, noises and ambient elements coexist to create an hypnotic language.

Discover more poetic instrumental approaches in Shimabuku’s exhibition Instrumental.