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05 09 2013 18:00 22:20

Monika Stricker is a 'Cadavre Exquis', an exquisite corpse. When Monika Stricker wakes up she is not alone.

Monika Stricker is a defiant typeface, subversive through obedience. Monika Stricker is a sound, strong, critical, hard, beautiful and smart.

Monika Stricker is some thing yet unmade to meet the charge. Monika Stricker is in Possession of MONICKER STRICKER.

Monika Stricker didn't refuse, nor did she do what was expected of her, the irreducibility of its nomination

Monika Stricker is an attempt to fruitfully stage the representational value of the figure MONIKA STRICKERin a wider perspective.

Monika Stricker contains a Japanese-ish aspect... though Stricker is not at all (we'd make it Su-to-rikkaa)

Monika Stricker is a gift, too much cake to swallow.

Monika Stricker is not Monika Stricker, Robin Vanbesien, Jutta Zimmermann, G. Küng, Emmanuelle Quertain, Bavo Olbrecht, Cambyse Naddaf, André Tehrani, Axelle Stiefel, Egle Budvytyte, Bart Groenendaal, Yuki Okumura, Willem Oorebeek.

Opening Wednesday September 4 from 6 to 10pm
CAB Art Centre
32-34 rue Borrens
1050 Brussels

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