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May Baby

Family & kets
30 04 2016 11:00 12:00

Fourth edition of this unique event for the little ones. For 2 weekends, babies aged 6 months to 2 are welcome to discover interactive works and a variety of activities centred on artistic and sensorial experimentation. A chance for parents to take some time off from their busy scedules and share a special moment with their kids...


Nathalie Arnold : Magical Balls (Location: Education atelier)

On a paper tapestry covered in black line drawings, soft balls drenched in all kinds of colours are placed. Through the act of pushing, throwing and breaking, the colours escape the balls and sprinkle all over the paper, leaving stains and traces… Colour in between the lines or create anarchy of colour: everything is allowed.

Catherine Evrard : Colourful Installation (Mezzanine)

What happens to the colour theory when our babies start to get involved? An installation of colourful toys, arranged beautifully by colour and loosely inspired by Tony Cragg’s work. A complete experience fot all senses that invites to be touched and to create different kinds of arrangements.

Isabelle Chabepever : The Snails (Exhibition room or Project Room)

Observing the movement of these weird creatures: it seems a little like time stands still. The artist proposes to the babies a really simple, contemplative experience. It is an ode to the slowness that lies at the roots of trees, which symbolize might and prosperity.

Isabelle Colassin & Frédéric Houtteman : The birds (Eeckman Room)

An installation made of both sound and visuals through the use of origami birds. It consists of different shapes and colours to stimulate a journey exploring the world and … a hidden surprise to discover together.

Nathalie Strickaert : Landscape (Exhibition Room)

An “install’action” made of all different kinds of paper to explore.


Public: children from 6 months untill 2 years old

Dates: 30.04.2016 & 01.05 + 07.05 & 08.05.16 Price: 5€ by person (adults & children)

Info kids@wiels.org 02.340.00.52