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Matters of Collaboration - Africa/Europe/Africa

Round table
13 05 2013 19:30 20:30

Matters of Collaboration – Africa/Europe/Africa” started in 2012 as an international discussion platform, a working context and shared research environment for artists, scientists, film makers, curators and historians.


A first workshop in Algiers treated the topics of Panafricanism and Negritude and questioned the heritage and contemporary significance of these themes in relation to the idea of 'collaboration'. In three further workshops in Paris, Dakar and Johannesburg, the potential of the broad and conflictual term of collaboration was examined in its different aspects: the economy of collaboration and the economy of knowledge and development were addressed as well as specific moments in music history that could develop only through exchanges between the continents. This rich pool enabled to consider in a political way the once forgotten and relocated influences of a per se hybrid pop culture. On May 13 in WIELS the online platform resulting from the workshops will be presented for the first time with excerpts from lectures and discussions. The participants of this presentation, most of whom have attended one or more workshops, have each chosen an excerpt to present in relation to the theme of collaboration.

- presentation workshops 'Matters of Collaboration' by Annett Busch and Anselm Franke, with excerpts workshops from discussions Algiers/Dakar/Johannesburg

- lecture/performances by Kader Attia, Jihan El-Tahri and The Otolith Group (Kodwo Eshun & Anjalika Sagar)

13.05.2013, 19:30
Free entrance
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Matters of Collaboration is a project made possible by Goethe Institut Brussels, initiated by Annett Busch and Anselm Franke