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Marie Muracciole : Missing Histories

10 11 2011 00:00 01:00

Following a journey starting with Maure (2007) and Arbre Généalogique (2005) - two photographs by Yto Barrada - art critic and curator Marie Muracciole, who co-curated Riffs, will discuss the relationships between reality, story and enigma in images of art, and how history in the making looks at these images.

Marie Muracciole Des histoires qui manquent

Marie Muracciole is an art critic and curator. She is the editor of the writings of Allan Sekula published by the Editions des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Her recent publications include "Tomorow never knows, Peter Roehr" in 20/27n°5, M19; "Tu comprends ?" in Idéo, Eric Duyckaerts, ed. Macval; "It Is Your First Mirage Sophie, on Guy de Cointet" in: Texte zur Kunst n°82. Forthcoming publications include "Du nouveau sur les fleurs, Family Tree" essai on Yto Barrada published by JPRingier; "Passons. Ich Sterbe" in the catalogue dedicated to Marylène Négro published by Analogues; "Space Invader, Aleksandra Mir" in Mutations, éd. Paris Photo.