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Lucia Nimcova : Songs for Random Family

11 11 2017 17:00 18:00

Throughout history, traditional music and culture have been appropriated and misrepresented. Presently in Ukraine, patriotic songs play an important role in fuelling a populist, romantic nationalism.


In contrast, Lucia Nimcova seek to capture private and hidden realities within communities that are excluded from the larger historical narrative of the region. Since 2014, she has gathered an archive of photography, video and sound recordings throughout western Ukraine.

Lucia Nimcova is interested in songs that describe in tragic, brutal or comical ways domestic abuse, murder, conflict, sex, love and hate. She wants to show that the alternative folklore of the region is still alive and relevant, before its last inheritors disappear.

In the context of Something Stronger Than Me* she will perform a selection of folkloric songs, combining both her interest of the alternative folklore of the region and her own biography as a women, a wife, a mother, an artist and an immigrant.

Lucia Nimcova, born in 1977 in Slovakia, lives and works between Brussels and Humenné. She was a resident at WIELS in 2016.

Lucia Nimcova: Songs for Random Family
in the framework of Something Stronger Than Me*
11.11.2017, 17:00