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Lucia Nimcova : And the last to profit is the country rat

04 10 2017 00:00 01:00

Since 2003, Lucia Nimcova has been documenting the changing societies of Central and Eastern Europe through the mundane, everyday stories of middle and working-class women’s lives. She uses simple visual language so that the form remains understandable to a wide audience. Her interests focus on female desires, plans, and dreams, and the ways in which they contradict the reality in which these women live. She thinks about delicate moments through which human fate can be read.


“I have been documenting women in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. Now I have begun my work in the Ukraine, which draws heavily upon my lived experience. Eastern European societies have undergone massive transformations in the last few years. Women are taking examples from and idealizing western ways of life, but the overt political and cultural transitions can obscure other truths. One could think there is nothing happening under the quiet surface of ordinary life, but basic human values – indeed the very way of thinking – are undergoing seismic shifts: traditions are fading and disappearing; intergenerational conflict is inevitable; the focus of life is becoming less immediate and experiential but increasingly aspirational.”

Lucia Nimcova
And the last to profit is the country rat
Film & photographs
In the framework of Something Stronger Than Me*
04.10.2017 - 22.10.2017