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Look Who’s Talking (Together): Richard Venlet & Kersten Geers (NL) (NL)

Guided tour
Look Who's Talking
04 10 2017 19:00 20:00

Conversation with artist Richard Venlet and architect Kersten Geers around Rita McBride’s works.

Look Whos Talking Together Richard Venlet Kersten Geers NL

Richard Venlet (b. 1964 in Hamilton, Australia) lives in Brussels. He was commissioned by WIELS to design the architecture for WIELS’ 10th anniversary exhibition The Absent Museum. His intervention still structures the space in which Rita McBride’s exhibition takes place. Together with Kersten Geers (b. 1975 in Ghent) who also lives in Brussels, where he co-founded the architecture studio OFFICE, they will talk together about the vocabulary of architecture and its relation to art.

04.10.2017, 19:00
In Dutch
Free (1st Wednesday of the Month)