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Look Who’s Talking : Sorana Munsya (FR)

Guided tour
Look Who's Talking
03 04 2019 19:00 20:00

Sorana Munsya takes you through the exhibition Liquid Intelligence by Ellen Gallagher and Edgar Cleijne.

Look Whos Talking Sorana Munsya 1

Assistant of the artistic director (Toma Muteba Luntumbue) of the 5th Lubumbashi Biennale of Contemporary Art (2017), Sorana Munsya is part of the editorial team of the contemporary art journal Afrikadaa and is also a member of the eponymous collective. She co-organized with this collective the 3rd edition of the African Art Book Fair (Fiac, Art Basel) as head of publishers and worked on the exhibition entitled "Make It Yourself" at the Dakar Biennale in 2018. She also contributed to the creation of the catalogue of the exhibition "Young Congo" set up by the Kin Artstudio art centre (Vitshois Mwilambwe) and other art events in the African continent. She is currently working in collaboration with Mu.Zee (Ostend) on a writing project on the work of the artist Pascale Marthine Tayou. Sorana Munsya has a degree in psychology and a complementary master's degree in International Development in Belgium.

03.04.2019, 19:00 (Free Nocturne)
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