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Look Who's Talking: Samah Hijawi (EN)

Guided tour
Look Who's Talking
16 03 2022 18:00 19:00

Artist Samah Hijawi guides you through the exhibition Tête-à-Tête by Huguette Caland.

In English
Free with exhibition entry (WIELS Late Night Opening)


Samah Hijawi is a multimedia artist; you can call of her a painter, an astrologer, a story teller, an academic, a cook, or a performer—it’s up to you to decide. Regardless, of the form through which she materialises her work, her ideas are deeply invested in using historical narratives as a looking glass to re-imagine at our contemporary life...and the spectacular outcomes of the trails of migration of species of our worlds is a topic she is a big fan of. At one point in time she lived in the same city at Huguette Caland; did they cross paths unknowingly? Come and find out!