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Look Who's Talking: Regenerate artists (EN)

Guided tour
Look Who's Talking
30 06 2021 19:00 20:30

Several participating artists of Regenerate - Eitan Efrat & Sirah Foighel Brutmann, Carlos Caballero, Tom Hallet, Eva Giolo, Effi & Amir - take you through the group show to tell you more about their presented works.

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Eitan Efrat & Sirah Foighel Brutmann
Both b. 1983 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Based in Brussels, Belgium.

Sirah and Eitan’s collaborative practice is to create spatial and temporalr experiences in relation to filmic material and architectural material, as surfaces that are able to inscribe experience. They develop audiovisual languages suspicious to linear narratives, especially those at work in the writing of history, and propose a poetic reevaluation of it.

Their works have been presented at S.M.A.K. Ghent/BE (2020); Beursschouwburg, Brussels/BE (2020); Argos, Brussels/BE; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg/DE (2018) and Portikus, Frankfurt/DE (2017).

Carlos Caballero
b. 1983 in Camagüey, Cuba. Based in Ghent.

The work of Carlos Caballero feels like a miniature universe, a world where everything seems in sync. In this whole, every painting, every drawing functions as a world unto itself. The works suggest a spelling, grammar and vocabulary used to tell stories. Reminiscent of hieroglyphs or cave paintings they appear to portray contemporary or future mythologies looking for fundamental and universal themes that go beyond generations, cultures and languages.

Carlos Caballero’s work has been presented at Whitehouse Gallery, Lovenjoel/BE (2020); Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels/BE (2018) and BLANCO, Ghent/BE (2017).

Tom Hallet
b. 1990, Leuven, Belgium.. Based in Brussels, Belgium..

Tom Hallet has a multidisciplinary practice that mainly entails drawing and sculpture. In his work, the intimacy between the artist and its subject is a constant trigger. Through deconstructing and analysing personal experiences he uncovers new compositions that he turns into a physical presence. The object detaches from its origin and becomes independent. It can create its own history by the interpretation of the viewer. That is why he considers his work as finished when the subject can develop its own identity.

Tom Hallet’s work has been presented at S.M.A.K. Ghent/BE (2018); D.ART, Mechelen/BE (2016) and TTTT (These Things Take Time), Ghent/BE (2015). Hallet is an alumni of LUCA School of Arts, Brussels/BE.

Eva Giolo
b.1991 in Brussels, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Eva Giolo’s work consists of cinematic poems that show a propensity to capture familial stories– of her own or of another’s. Using documentary strategies, she paints her portraits and creates a window into unseen, usually private, interior worlds.

Eva Giolo’s work has been presented at MAXXI Roma/IT (2020); Brakke Grond, Amsterdam/NL (2019); FID Marseille/FR (2019); M HKA, Antwerp/BE (2019) and Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna/AT. Giolo is an alumni of KASK School of Arts.

Effi & Amir
Effi Weiss b. 1971 in Ramat-Gan, Israel, based in Brussels, Belgium.
Amir Borenstein b. 1969 in Haifa, Israel, based in Brussels, Belgium.

Effi & Amir are an artist duo, active since 1998. Their work involves video, performance and participatory strategies and often deals with the construction of collective and symbolic identities.

Effi & Amir’s work has been presented at CENTRALE for contemporary art, Brussels/BE (2021); Festival International du Film Francophone FIFF, Namur/BE (2020); Bozar, Brussels/BE (2020) and Kunstenfestivaldesarts, Brussels/BE (2020).