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Look Who’s Talking: Michel Assenmaker (FR)

Guided tour
Look Who's Talking
03 12 2014 19:00 20:00

Guided tour / Talk in Ana Torfs's exhibition Echolalia by Michel Assenmaker.

Look Whos Talking Michel Assenmaker FR

Assenmaker is curator, art critic, editor, with Olivier Foulon, of the contemporary art journal Copie de voyage Erg, professor at Erg, La Cambre and the Institut Saint Luc, Brussels.

"Just returned from Rome, wishes to go back, but also to New York. Listens, among others, to Rudolf Serkin, The Busch Ensemble, and Hans Hotter. Reads La décadence de l’analphabétisme by José Bergamín, and L’ultima apparizione di José Bergamín by Ginevra Bompiani. He presented Rome, chapitre 1, in collaboration with Céline Willame on 28 May at 10 rue du Chapeau, Brussels, on the occasion of the presentation of his book Poser, romanpublished by couper ou pas couper. His second book L’écart et l’accolade is published this Fall by (SIC)."

03.12.2014, 19:00
In French