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Look Who’s Talking: Greet Billet, Liesbeth Decan & Richard Venlet (NL)

Guided tour
Look Who's Talking
24 06 2023 14:00 15:00

Walk through Tapta: Espaces souples together with artists Greet Billet and Richard Venlet, and Liesbeth Decan, the curator of the exhibition. They will explore Tapta's life and oeuvre through an interpretation of Tapta's historical works and new works by Billet and Venlet.

In Dutch
Free with exhibition ticket

Fig 1 Chute de noeuds DETAIL

Tapta, Falling Knots (La chute de noeuds) (detail), 1970, wool, 230,00 cm x 165,00 cm. © Collection Maurice Verbaet; photo: Alexander Kot-Zaitsaú