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lonelyfingers : SEEDS

04 10 2017 00:00 01:00

lonelyfingers is an online platform created in 2012 by visual artists Diango Hernández and Anne Pöhlmann. Their interest focuses on the objects and documents that accompany and inspire artists while developing an artwork.


For Something Stronger Than Me*, lonelyfingers invited artists from all over the world to send plant seeds to WIELS. It is a project of generosity in which the active participation and engagement from others are essential. These seeds are planted by WIELS’s curators, while the planters and ceramic pots are donated by Belgian artists. Hopefully the plants will grow and will share the space together with various artistic interventions and projects. Each plant will be named after the person that sent the seeds.

Seeds: Kiarash Alimi, with Sanne de Wolf ; Elssie Ansareo ; Jean-Baptiste Bernadet ; Guilaume Bleret ; Sabine Bolk ; Julien Bouillon ; Axel Brandt ; Sophie Bueno-Boutellier ; Patrick Carpentier ; Delphine Deguislage ; Brigitte Dunkel ; Maria Eisl ; Adrien Flores-Cutulo ; Rebecca Fruitman ; Nastia Gladushchenko ; Debora de Haes ; Anna Heidenhain ; Diango Hernandez ; Maria Kley ; Guillaume Lanier ; Vincent Lorgé ; Wolfgang Mayer & Cristina Gomez Barrio ; Melisande McBurnie ; Daniela Milosevic ; Rokko Miyoshi ; Anne Niveau ; Emilie Pischedda ; Anne Pöhlmann ; PPROMOTION ; Florence Raats ; Glen Rubsamen ; Seeds Brussels ; Frauke Stegmann & Anne Stegmann ; Lola Vandervliet ; Sigrid Volders

Ceramic pots: Charlotte Beaudry ; Patrick Carpentier ; Eric Croes ; Agathe Dupérou ; Eléonore Joulin ; Deniz Kazma ; Louis Kiock ; Lot Lemm ; Valérie Mannaerts ; Pierre-Alain Poirier ; Guilhem Roubichou ; Katerina Sidorova ; Karolien Snyers ; Anatole Tièche ; Matthias Vandeweghe ; Caroline de Vicq ; Sigrid Volders (Clay Club) ; Mia de Vos ; Nathalie Wathelet

lonelyfingers, SEEDS
in the framework of Something Stronger Than Me*
installation: seeds, plants and ceramic pots
04.10.2017 - 07.01.2018