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Kim David Bots : Brief Sheets

04 10 2018 00:00 01:00

Former WIELS resident Kim David Bots presents new work in the WIELS Project Room.

Kim David Bots Brief Sheets

Brief Sheets is the third in a triad of exhibitions which started with The Rant’ at Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen (The Netherlands, 2017), followed by Mop Systems at Stroom, Den Haag (The Netherlands, 2018). Within these exhibitions, small, often quick and sometimes coincidentally-linked observations combine into installations. They are a means to develop ideas, frequently only disparately related, like differences between front and back yards, pitched-down voices of Ring-Necked Parakeets or sentences like: "The man who sleeps, hates that this is so."

With the support of Mondrian Fund and Stroom The Hague

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