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Jasper de Beijer : The Exhibition

20 06 2019 00:00 00:00

The Exhibition is A Virtual Reality presentation (VR) in which Jasper de Beijer creates a digital reconstruction of physical museum spaces. This digital simulation of reality draws a parallel with the 'pseudo reality' of the 19th century musea that used dioramas to show representations of the real world to the public.


During his residency at WIELS the artist studied and collected information at different ethnographic museums, to investigate how these tableaux vivants are a reflection on the zeitgeist in which they were constructed. The numerous 3D scans of the objects he found in the process have now become actors in a narrative that tells us more about our changing perception than it does about the content of the dioramas. It is the specific use of the VR technique that questions the stable character of museums as solid guardians of our cultures; slices of suggested reality turn out to be more than ever just snapshots caught in a box with limited dimensions.

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