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Inge Godelaine: 7x Jef Geys (NL/EN)

21 04 2024 14:00

As part of the exhibition You don't see what you think you see, WIELS presents three films by the independent filmmaker Inge Godelaine, who worked with artist Jef Geys for 28 years. The film 7 x Jef Geys will be screened on 21 April preceded by an introduction by Inge Godelaine.

Free with entry ticket
Dutch spoken with English subtitles

7x Jef Geys

This film features seven people, each with a different connection to the artist Jef Geys (acquaintances, family members, directors of art institutions, etc.). They talk about the artist and the person Jef Geys, sketching a unique portrait.


Yves Gevaert
Mia Dammen
Hugo Criekemans
Greta Meert
Dirk Snauwaert
Nina Geys
Joris Note

Concept and realisation: Inge Godelaine
Duration: 37 minutes
In Dutch with English subtitles

Inge Godelaine (BE) is an independent filmmaker who worked with artist Jef Geys for 28 years. She assisted Geys in building his exhibitions and projects. She also made a number of reportages and documentaries about the artist. Besides artist portraits or narrative films about art, she also uses other media and disciplines such as creating figurative paintings, drawings and photography. The visual language she uses is sometimes cryptic, ironic or humorous.