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Hisachika Takahashi

16 05 2013 00:00 01:00
Hisachika Takahashi

Hisachika worked in my studio for about a year. It was a collaboration of conversations and human and artistic contact. Hisachika left my studio. After some months, I saw his work. I think his work in this show presents structural maturity and it secures his artistic future.

Lucio Fontana, 1967

When I saw Hisachika's paintings in the dim light of the warehouse, I was stunned by how fresh they were. And, as their flower patterns seemed to begin to glow, I made up my mind: I would like to have his 1967 exhibition tour, to time travel in a way, from Wide White Space, Antwerp, to WIELS, Brussels.

Yuki Okumura, 2013


Opening : 15.05.2013 18 – 21:00Lecture by Hisachika Takahashi at 19:30 on the opening nightOpening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 14 – 18:00Info : residency@wiels.org

A project by artist-in-residency Yuki Okumura

Special thanks to Daniel Baumann, Anny de Decker, Isi Fiszman, Agathe Gonnet, Micha Spierenburg

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