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Helke Bayrle : Portikus Under Construction

13 05 2013 18:00 19:00

For many years now, Helke Bayrle – Thomas Bayrle's wife who works as a film maker – has documented the activities of the Portikus. The result is a unique collection of artist portraits.


The Portikus is an exhibitions space that is associated with the Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main. A production site rather than a traditional gallery, it is an institution willing to redefine its basic parameters with every new project. Since the late 1980s, some 160 exhibitions and innumerable other events have been staged there, and with each project the space has changed. Sometimes it is a factory, sometimes a kitchen or a stage for gatherings and performances. Sometimes it is a classical white museum space, sometimes a cinema, a green house or a swimming pool. How can one portray an institution like this?

Helke Bayrle's short films are backstage material, the kind of things that the viewer of the finished exhibitions never sees. Some of the filmed artists really like talking about what they do and about the significance of what they present, others prefer to simply work with the installation team and the curator. Helke Bayrle’s unique material is very large and represents an important archive of contemporary exhibition making.

The screening will be followed by a conversation with the director of the film (in English)

12.05.2012, 6pm
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