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Film & Rencontre: Servitude et Simulacre. Jordi Vidal & Bruno Serralongue

Round table
15 04 2009 00:00 01:00

Jordi Vidal presents his film and talks with Bruno Serralongue after the screening

Servitude et Simulacra

Jordi Vidal and Stéphane Goxe
France 2008 - 45
In Englis


This film is an adaptation of the essay Jordi Vidal published in 2007. It is both a singular reading of the theses in the book (in their critic of postmodernism) and a recording device which comments on the works exhibited in February 2008 in the gallery space Agnès B, during the show Servitude et Simulacre. The film is a form of détournement, but it is foremost an experimental project questioning contemporary representation, its crisis and its consequences. It was presented as "prolog" of the Tate Triennal in London in April 2008

Jordi Vidal (b.1950) is a theoritician and Director of the artschool (HEART) in Perpignan.
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