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Female Genius Night Club

25 10 2017 00:00 01:00

On the occasion of Something Stronger Than Me*, Melissa Gordon and Eva Kenny invite you to the Female Genius Night Club, a three-day residency in the WIELS Project Room.


Female Genius Night Club is hosted by Melissa Gordon and open by application for a small group of people to gather, discuss and write around the contested notions of 'female' and 'genius'. Reading through the history of the discourse of genius in relation to Enlightenment and Romantic values and wide issues of single versus collective autorship, the revaluation of feminist art in the past decade and forms of accumulation of value in art history, we wil start to piece together the culturally absent imaginary character of the female genius.

Kenny and Gordon will compile a reader including essays and articles that Kenny and Gordon have shared over the past three years as part of an ongoing conversation about the fictive character of a Female Genius. The residents will assemble their discussions and writings into a Risograph publication at the end of the week, which will remain on view at WIELS.

Each evening we will open the club as a 'lock-in' when WIELS closes, to be joined for pink drinks, discussion, screenings and music. Entry will be at 7pm onwards.

For those interested in attending the residency: we ask that you are prepared to commit to coming to all three days and to reading some texts in advance.

Female Genius Night Club
In the framework of Something Stronger Than Me*
25.10.2017 - 27.10.2017
WIELS Project Room, 19:00