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Felt Workshops

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20 05 2023 14:00 16:30
01 07 2023 14:00 16:30

Join Espace Fxmme-Globe Aroma and Hana Miletić in creating new works within their series of Felt workshops (2018- ), inspired by the tactile and playful installations Tapta realised in the late 1970s and early 1980s in co-creation with her students and groups of young children.

Workshop given by Hafiza Azimi et Shilemeza Prins (Espace Fxmme, Globe Aroma)
& Hana Miletić
Free with registration

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Anna Van Waeg

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Hana Miletic’s contribution to the exhibition Espaces souples are inspired by Tapta’s collaborative projects. One of these is Structure spontanée, a work that Tapta created in 1978 with her La Cambre students and young children from a local school for the exhibition Tapisseries d’aujourd’hui at Malou Castle in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe: a spontaneous structure that was not executed according to her design but entirely created by the participants’ free gestures.

Referencing this, Miletić organizes, together with some members of Espace Fxmme, a group of women and non-binary people from the socio-artistic organization Globe Aroma, three felt workshops for and with exhibition staff and visitors. The felt workshops are hands-on, guiding audience participants in wet felting, a craft technique that revalues gendered cultural practices. They are the continuation of txt, Is Not Written Plain (2017), the first felt work Miletić created with a group of female members of Globe Aroma, which was shown to the public during Miletić’s solo exhibition at WIELS in 2018. The fact that the Felt workshops will continue as part of this exhibition underlines the ongoing focus at WIELS on collective authorship and emancipatory co-creation.