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Experienz #2 - Materializing the Social

18 04 2013 00:00 01:00

Held during the Brussels art fair, Experienz # 2 is an innovative, forward-looking package of four days of performances, choreographed actions, talk, lecture-performances, performed works, concerts and young people’s workshops. Living up to its title, “Materializing the Social” this second edition treats public involvement as an essential element in these practices that put the individual at the heart of the debate.

Experienz 2 Materializing the Social

Founder & director: Nathalie Guiot
Curator: Agnès Violeau

Download the programme here

with performances by

Davide Balula / Malena Beer / Olivier Beer / Hsia-Fei Chang / Giuseppe Chico & Barbara Matijevic / Antonio Contador / Guillaume Désanges / Carole Douillard / Ninar Esber / Esther Ferrer / Sergej Jensen / Liz Magic Laser / Estefania Peñafiel Loaiza / Dan Perjovschi

Talks by

RoseLee Goldberg (PERFORMA) / Marc & Josée Gensollen / Les Gens d’Uterpan / Chantal Pontbriand

Young people’s workshops with Malena Beer & Pilar Jaramillo

Performed work by Sarah Crowner

An experimental, nomadic platform for live-action artistic practices, open to all, Experienz embarks on its second edition with four days of events based on live presence at the WIELS, the Belgian hub for contemporary art, parallel to the events of Art Brusels 2013. This mini-festival offers an eclectic roster of some fifteen artists from a rich range of backgrounds (Lebanon, United States, Ecuador, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Taiwan).

Titled “Materializing the Social,” this edition explores the biopolitical, following the concept forged in 1974 by Michel Foucault to designate the kind of power exercised not on geographical territories but on populations. The artistic propositions here address ideas of resistance, bio-power, the government of self and others, the individual’s relation to the group and the norms governing relations between the physical and the social body. Conceiving art as a tool of transformation, in the spirit of the work of John Dewey and Allan Kaprow on art and the everyday, the propositions will stimulate dialogue between the artists and the public, while offering an urgent response to imposed political discourses by the energy of the active body and the capacity for empathy.

“Performance art is a permissive, open-ended medium with endless variables, executed by artists impatient with the limitations of more established art forms.” - RoseLee Goldberg

More Info : www.experienz.org