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Excursion en bus pour visiter '"America"

18 04 2010 00:00 01:00

In the context of Felix Gonzalez-Torres. Specific Objects without Specific Form co-curated by artist Danh Vo and currently on view at Wiels, a tour is being offered to view one of the exhibition's off-site projects, "Untitled" (America). The work is installed in the village of Gesves, on the outskirts of Namur, in such a way that it is ideally viewed by one chosen individual (the technician who oversaw the production of the light strings) whose house it is hung in front.

Excursion en bus pour visiter America

The artist Danh Vo leads the special visit at sundown so that a group can share a moment together with this historically important and unusually located piece. For anyone interested in learning more about Felix Gonzalez-Torres' practice and thinking concerning both the potential intimacy of the artwork and its relation to public space, this chance is not to be missed!