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25 01 2015 20:30 21:30

“As productions developing from one presentation to another, the slideshows that Pierre Leguillon has been creating since 1993 are intended to reflect on the proliferation, migration and destination of images. The photographs he projects in his large-scale slideshows comprise both reproductions of works of art and stolen moments, and they focus on the migration of images with respect to their materials, functions and intended recipients. To Pierre Leguillon, it is a question of the form of presentation that echoes those that have been used throughout the history of image reproduction: “the setting of the slideshow, like any other kind of image distribution (either printed or using a magic lantern), is a mobile setting.”

By re-photographing reproductions of works of art, the artist refers to the principles of representation used by magazines, catalogues, posters and other derived products. From the beginning, each projection implicates the work/spectator arrangement in a critical staging of images, texts and sounds, which is conceived as an installation for a specific location.

In Slideshow/Cloakroom, clothing is the starting point for a particular situation – an enveloping “screen” experienced as a double skin protector, but also as a social adornment and the conveyor of a representation. From the image to the body, through processes of transaction and movement within the shared space of the work and the audience, the slideshow becomes a collective performance, covertly activating the imaginative relationship that everyone has with their own visual memory.” (Marcella Lista, Musée du Louvre, Paris, 2009)

Diaporama/Vestiaire (Slideshow/Cloakroom) is part of the collections of the Centre national d’Art contemporain, Paris

25.01.2015, 20:30.
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Pierre Leguillon, « Slideshow/Cloakroom » (titles by Conny Purtill), Artists Space, New York, January 28, 2009. Photo Pierre Leguillon.