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Conversation : "Les odyssées des archives – pratiques artistiques contemporaines et décolonisation des récits historiques" (FR)

22 04 2015 19:00 20:30

In continuation of cultural studies and post-colonial studies, contemporary artists have developed artistic practices based on the recovery of archives. The African Odysseys exhibition at Brass gives great prominence to works that, through various use of historical materials, question the narratives produced since the colonial period. During this conversation, artists, researchers and a historian will discuss the importance of critical questions raised by these art practices and their contribution to the decolonization of the imaginary and knowledge.

With: Lotte Arndt, Sammy Baloji, Sarah Frioux-Salgas, Seloua Luste-Boulbina, Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa.
Moderator: Marie-Ann Yemsi

In collaboration with Brass

Conversation Les odyssées des archives pratiques artistiquescontemporaines et décolonisation des récits historiques