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Late Night Opening Concert: Shoko Igarashi

05 10 2022 19:00 21:00

Concert starts at 19:00 (until 20:00)
Exhibitions remain open until 21:00
Free with exhibition ticket

Shoko Igarashi
was born in 1991 in Yamagata Prefecture, Tsuruoka city, Japan. An accomplished tenor saxophonist, she is also a versatile flautist and plays alto and soprano saxophone fluently. She has already made her mark as both an arranger and a composer. Shoko grew up surrounded by dreamlike landscapes of abundant nature in the snowy countryside of Tsuruoka, a mysterious and surreal region, where she says, “the water and the air feel the purest," and where mountains and shrines overflow with ancient mysticism.

You are invited to discover Shimabuku’s exhibition Instrumental as a poetic introduction or in order to pursuit your poetic and musical wandering.

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Victor Pattyn