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Cine-club for children

Family & kets
29 01 2017 00:00 01:00

Every last SUNDAY of the month at 10:30 the cine-club invites children between 5 and 10 years old, to come and discover non commercial animated films.


In collaboration with filemon

Program of this sunday 29.01.2017

A short film program in different languages with few words and lots of families warmth, pleisure and with a nostalgic touch.

A filmworkshop animated by Sandra Verkaart ‘ll follow the film session.


Rawan Rahim, Liban, 2015, 7’45”, without words

Lilou is very shy. She ‘ll be forced to get out het confortzone when she gets a special power.

I am not a mouse

Evgenia Golubeva, UK, 2015, 2’, english speaking

Each time Lucy's mother calls her daughter "Mouse», Lucy becomes a real mouse ! What is she going to do she gonna ?

Head up

Gottfried Mentor, Germany, 2015, 2’45”, without words

2 goats ‘ll learn from eachother

Passing the fog

Amirali Mirderikvand, 2016, Iran, 6’, without words

The nice & authentic portrait of Mister Safar and his paralysed daughter Arazou

Zoo Story

Veronika Zacharova, 2015, Tsjechië 4’, witout words

What happens when a little girl who is bored at the zoo suddenly notices a big gorilla?

The mole and the earthworm

Johannes Schiehsl, Duitsland, 2015, 3'19'

A little mole discovers that all the other animals have a friend of their same species to play with, but the mole is all alone.


Ken Swezey,Japan, 2016, Engels gesproken, 13'

What happens to your forgotten objects? In this story those objects raised from a magical lake