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Cine-club for children

Family & kets
18 12 2016 10:30 15:30

Every last SUNDAY of the month at 10:30 the cine-club invites children between 5 and 10 years old, to come and discover non commercial animated films.

in collaboration with filemon

Program of this Sunday 18.12.16

A rules of 5 short animation films with stories in nice winterlandscapes of differents contries: Germany, Hongria, Czech Republic, Canada and Belgium.

After the films, Sandra Verkaart, filmmaker, 'll propose a workshop of film

Frozen Fun

Verena Fels, 2015, Germany, without words , 3'53"

A snowballs battle can be so funny that it' s sometimes very difficult to stop.


Martin Colas, 2016, Belgium, without words, 4'

André is a pinguin but not like the others and he tries not to think about this diffrences too often.

Hey Deer

Örs Bárczy, Hongria 2015, without words, 6'

A short animation film with a funny story and a unexpected plot about a deer in a snowy landscape.

Uncle Antlers

Carla Veldman, 2016, Canada, without words , 5'22"

A magical story which tells how a friendship between a small girl and her imaginary friends can change.

First Snow

Lenka Ivančíková, 2015', Tchéquie, sans parole , 13'

A winter aventure of a small hedgehog wakked a bit too early of his hibernation.