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Cine-club for kids

Family & kets
27 03 2016 10:30 15:30

Every last SUNDAY of the month from 10:30 the cine-club presents, to children between 5 and 10 years old, to come and discover non commercial animated films.

A filmworkshop is organized after the screening with the company of Sandra Verkaart and Felipe Mafasoli. There will be drinks and snacks for the whole family as well.

Where does the wild butterflies grow

Vladimira Macurova - Czech Republic - 2013 - silent - 6'

A creature is born in a fantasy world. It goes quickly look for other kind of creatures to be friends with.

The tie

An Vraumboot - Belgium - 2014 - silent - 8’

A small giraffe and a big giraffe meet by coincidence. Despite the clear differences they realize that they are related.

Waves from the sky

Gildardo Santoyo del Castillo - Mexico - 2015 - silent - 6’

The small bird Pedra can’t fly in a group. He decides to continue alone.

Kalle Kran

Johan Hagelbäck - Sweden - silent - 2014 - 6’

Everyday Kalle climbs up his crane, from where he sees everything. If something doesn’t go as planed, Kalle interferes.


Rory Lowe - UK - 2015 - silent - 11’

The touching story of a young girl who tries to get the the most bouncing magic ball of the whole world.