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Cine-Club for kids

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28 02 2016 10:30 15:30

Every last SUNDAY of the month from 10:30 the cine-club presents, to children between 5 and 10 years old, to come and discover non commercial animated films.

The little bird and the squirrel

Lena van Döhren - Switzerland - 2014 - silent - 4’30’’

While a little bird gives water to a little faded red leaf, the squirrel escapes with the watering can. A captivating chase begins...

Bear and bird

Dan & Jason - United States - silent - 2014 - 7’

When big bear is afraid of water, he spreads small amounts of ‘pleasant’ perfume. His little friend the bird tries to find a solution in vain.


Vera Lalyko - Germany - silent - 2014 - 6’15’’

A cat and a dog are the worst ennemies until a big disaster brings them together. Laughter guaranteed…


Antje Heyn - Netherlands - silent - 2015 - 8’

A small figurine discovers a new world and meets all sorts of strange creatures.

Tôt au tard

Jadwiga Kowaslka - Germany - Silent - 2008 - 5’

Quirrel and bat. The convergence of different worlds and times of day. Forces in the underground govern night and day – and much more.

Deux amis

Natalia Chernysheva - Russia - silent - 2014 - 4’

The friendship between a frog and a caterpillar isn’t always that easy…