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Anders Nordby: Clinical Impression

10 12 2009 00:00 01:00

The mirror reflects the gallery and viewer back on themselves, questioning the role of the institution and the visitor within it.

Anders Nordby Clinical Impression

After inviting the art collective Institutt for Degenerert Kunst, of which he is a member, to exhibit in the Project Room of Wiels (03 - 06.12), the artist in residency Anders Nordby presents a solo show in the Project Room.

Anders Nordby is an artist born in Oslo, Norway. He studied at The National Academy in Oslo (MA) and participated in the alternative art-school MSA (Mountain School of Art) in Los Angeles, USA. Nordby has exhibited in institutions such as Art in General, The Swiss Institute, White Columns, Rhizome and the New Museum, in New York. His work involves both an individual artistic production, as well as a curatorial practice – most recently 'Dear Cockettes' at UKS, Oslo. His process-based art and installations draw inspiration from literature, decadence, sub- and countercultures and a pursuit of the beautiful. Believing everything is but a mirage the artist investigates a self-chosen 'moral degeneration'; an inverted system of ideals within the borderlines of morality and ethics. One of his main concerns is the precariousness of life and the fragility of beauty, attention to aesthetic experience and relevance of the formal properties of object's of art. Together with Ida Ekblad, he runs the artist-space Kristiania Kunstmagasin where shows are organised in their apartements as well as in abandoned buildings and at non-profit venues. He is also part of the artist group Institutt for Degenerert Kunst with Arild Tveito and Eirik Saether.