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Sven 't Jolle

The Age of Entitlement, or Affordable Tooth Extraction

€ 3500

2017 15 x 24,50 cm Publishers: WIELS (Brussels) & MER. Paper Kunsthalle (Ghent)
Authors: Dr Blair French: Director, Curatorial and Digital, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (Sydney).
Zoë Gray, Senior Curator, WIELS.
Koen Kleijn: art historian, journalist, documentary-maker and writer, Amsterdam.
Design: Luc Derycke
& Esther Le Roy (Studio Luc Derycke)

ISBN 978 94 9232 149 7

This book functions as a pocket guide to Sven ’t Jolle’s engaging practice. Inspired by an illustrated encyclopaedia, it adopts an unusual approach to combining text and image. Grouping his work under poetic entry headings, it reveals how ’t Jolle explores themes of migration, labour and capital. In addition to images of his WIELS exhibition and earlier works, the book features three new texts: an exploration of ’t Jolle’s themes by Zoë Gray; an interview by Koen Kleijn; and an analysis of his sketchbook practice by Blair French.