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Jef Geys

Guide Raisonnable

€ 700

2024 Softcover, A4, 48p Responsible editor: Dirk Snauwaert
Compiled and edited by: Charlotte Friling & Kaat Obbels
Graphic design: Joris Kritis

An exhibition guide based on Jef Geys – Catalogue Raisonnable (release in summer 2024)

This publication contains a selection of entries from Jef Geys’s last List of Works, an index of the artist’s artistic practice from ca 1958 to 2016, comprised of 844 entries. These refer to a selection of works and documents featured in the exhibition You don’t see what you think you see at WIELS, Brussels (2 February–19 May 2024), and are accompanied by both quotes by Geys and descriptive notes based on research conducted in the artist’s archives. These entries are only dated when the artist did so himself in his List of Works or when our research left no doubt as to their dating. The compiled and edited texts are a pre-publication of the monograph Jef Geys – Catalogue Raisonnable due to be published in Summer 2024 by WIELS and MER/ Borgerhoff&Lamberigts.

Only for sale in the WIELS Bookshop
Digital version via QR code available in the exhibition