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Reconstruction of 'Formes pour un espace souple'

When you visit Espaces souples at WIELS, you will find halfway through the exhibition a workshop situation. Here, Tapta’s important work Formes pour un espace souple is being reconstructed, of which the original is in such poor condition that it can no longer be exhibited. In regular working sessions, an identical replica of the work is made by textile experts and students, using the same materials, techniques and gestures as Tapta originally employed.

Tapta bij Formes pour un Espace Souple
Tapta during the installation of 'Formes pour un espace souple' (1974) at Palais des Beaux-Arts (now Bozar) in Brussels, 1975, black-and-white photo (Tapta Archive, Maurice Verbaet, Antwerp)

In 1974, Tapta (1926-1997) created the work Formes pour un espace souple, an impressive sculpture of hanging ropes knotted in spirals in which spectators can take a seat. Tapta’s only surviving monumental architectural sculpture, the original has unfortunately been irreparably damaged.

The occasion of this exhibition gave WIELS the idea to initiate the reconstruction of this work, which will make this important aspect of Tapta’s artistic legacy accessible and visible to the public again.

DSC0272 low
Lola Pertsowsky

Over the duration of the exhibition the 49 elements that form this hut or tent-like environment, will be gradually recomposed. The workshop situation also reflects the importance that Tapta gave to manual and collective labour. As the individual ropes are organically grouped into separate modules, the repetitive gestures result in a large construction, in which solidity and changeability come together.

DSC0119 low
Lola Pertsowsky

Thanks to you, we can realise this reconstruction:

By purchasing the edition Réfléchir (à) Tapta by Greet Billet, you are helping to safeguard Tapta's artistic legacy. This edition of 15 is a miniature version of Greet Billet's large mirror installation in the exhibition at WIELS.

Proceeds from the sale of the edition will go entirely to the reconstruction of the work.

Double triangular mirrors (each 29 x 15 cm)

Edition of 15


Reconstruction process: Chevalier Masson studio
In Collaboration with: Estelle Chatelin & Antonella Valerio
With the participation of students from LUCA School of Arts and ENSAV La Cambre:
Amaryllis Bouyer, Annelies Clerix, Bianca Cuevas Geiger, Rose Egidi, Coline Ernould, Sule Nur Eryuruk, Anouk Ostyn, Marie Rasper, Martha Verleyen

With the special support of: Maurice Verbaet
A coproduction by: LUCA School of Arts, M HKA & WIELS