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Our solidarity and thoughts are with the Ukrainian people & all those affected by Russia’s violent invasion

Our solidarity and thoughts are with the Ukrainian people and all those affected by Russia’s violent invasion, and with all people affected by displacement, oppression and disrespect of the most basic human rights.

To contribute to the aid campaign, WIELS will donate all ticket revenues of the coming weekend of 12-13 March to 12-12 Belgisch Consortium belge who are providing emergency aid in the field.

Several initiatives and colleague organizations have compiled useful lists of resources for those who seek help and those who want to do something:

- Artists at Risk shares a continuously updated list of Emergency Temporary Relocation Resources for artists and cultural workers;

- CIMAM brings together an overview of anti-war petitions and resources on their website;

- A list compiled by concerned cultural workers for colleagues in Ukraine.

You can also help by:

- running a snowflake by the Tor project in your desktop browser (Chrome or Firefox) to keep Ukrainians and Russian anti-war activists connected to the uncensored internet. Find the link to the extensions here. It’s easy & impactful;

- signing the petition of cultural workers against the war in Ukraine;

- bidding for peace: buy art with proceeds going to humanitarian help in Ukraine. Vienna Contemporary compiled a useful list of current online auctions, including A.ID, and, closer to home Komplot Brussels organizes a print sale by artist Radek Brousil.