Andro Wekua: Workshop Report

Andro Wekua’s work suggestively mingles drawing, painting, collage and sculpture. It is constructed of narratives which are centred on their subject yet remain open. Wekua situates his visual... Read more


84 paintings

The artist in residency Fiona MacKay invites two painters from Glasgow, Morag Keil and Manuela Gernedel, to work together in the Project Room of Wiels. Everyday, each artist produces 2 paintings. In... Read more


Ann Veronica Janssens: Serendipity

Ann Veronica Janssens questions the elusive. She tries less to grasp the impalpable and chooses to experiment with its multiple forms and apparitions instead. Janssens work is based on one's... Read more


Venice Biennale: Jef Geys

For La Biennale di Venezia, Jef Geys (b. 1934 Leopoldsburg, BE) presents an entirely new project entitled Quadra Medicinale. The project is an interdisciplinary research documented with plans,... Read more


Luc Tuymans "Against the Day"

This first solo show of Luc Tuymans in Brussels presents, in world premiere, twenty  new paintings which he created especially for Wiels.

The works can be seen as the third and last... Read more


Bruno Serralongue

If, at first glance, the work of Bruno Serralongue can be compared to that of a journalist, his method and approach are very different. His photographs transcribe the event with a certain distance,... Read more



During the last ten years we have beheld the emergence of a new generation of artists, in Flanders, in Wallonia and in Brussels. The exhibition focuses on 20 Belgian emerging artists. This first... Read more