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Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas

Jorge Suárez-Quiñones Rivas (León, 1992) experiments around the formal and conceptual implications of in-camera-editing regarding the experience of present as a space-time category potentially condensable in filmic matter, and therefore capable of being shared through the projection device.

"Working with film through in-camera editing allows me to undergo myself and transmit to others a tangible experience of shared present.

In-camera editing leads me to a state of communion with the present time-space that I find essential in order to film bodies, living beings, objects, gestures and light situations –both found and (re)created– and re-awaken them in public through different projection displays.

My works are completely produced and shown within the photochemical medium (super-8 and 16mm). It is meaningful to me not to leave the film medium at any point of the creative process – filming, in-camera editing, processing, table editing with splicer and viewer, magnetic sound stripping, sound recording with projector, single or multiple projections, loop mechanisms…

Working with moving images and sounds in an analogue way has led me to a material practice, experimenting in terms of physicality by modelling space and time, thinking through colours and rhythms or using my hands to research through gesture."