Wiels | EN

(b. 1983, Bruges; lives and works in Brussels)

- no place is just one anymore

The process that unfolds inside the work converts to a word in which the content is to be unchained and exposed: decomposition, described asthe gradual loss of recognised forms and separation of matter into simpler compounds. To formulate as the space - moment where the boundary between inside and outside dissolves, between public and intimate, the other and the self. Decomposition as redistribution of content and matter. Increasing transparency, a revelation of the joints. Decomposition creates a residual. Intermediate form. Space taking place, among time.

Cathérine Lommée (1983, Bruges) studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent, FAMU Prague and Sint-Lukas Brussels. Her work has been under development in NUCLEO Ghent (2010-11), exhibited and presented at int. al. ERROR#13 Bruges (2009), Galerie Jan Colle Ghent (2009), Croxhapox Ghent (2008) and PLAT(T)FORM Fotomuseum Winterthur (2007).