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Watch and listen to additional videos and sounds of the artists in Regenerate and explore the ideas behind their works. WIELS Mixed Media offers you proximity to the artists presented at WIELS. Enjoy browsing!

Mixed Media

Sandrine Morgante

A conversation between Sandrine Morgante and visual artist and writer Jean-Philippe Convert on Morgante’s series Mélatonine included in Regenerate.

Podcast, 34:23

Eitan Efrat & Sirah Foighel Brutmann

Eitan Efrat, together with Laszlo Umbreit - AKA the band RHH -, reintroduce sounds from the video work by Eitan Efrat and Sirah Foighel Brutmann shown in Regenerate. They investigate the energetic signal through sound recordings and polarised frequencies vis-à-vis the esoteric practice of Swiss healer and scientist Emma Kunz.

At Kiosk Radio

Marie Zolamian

An online conversation between artist Marie Zolamian and Vanessa Desclaux about Zolamian’s paintings presented in the group exhibition Regenerate.


Image credit for 'Marie Zolamian, 'Welkom - Bienvenue - Welcome - Willkommen', 2017-2021': Project for a Carrara marble mosaic for the floor of the peristyle at the entrance to the Antwerp Museum of Fine Arts. 3.5 x 23 m. This design was commissioned by the Flemish Community © KMSKA & Marie Zolamian.

Helen Anna Flanagan & Josefin Arnell

Helen Anna Flanagan & Josefin Arnell discuss their first collaborative video work 'Blood Sisters' with independent curator Maaike Gouwenberg during this online conversation.


Tom Hallet

Tom Hallet, together with Elisabeth Klinck & Victor Guaita, gets behind Kiosk's radio booth, creating a soundscape that gives voice to the fairies and landscapes that are represented in his drawings in Regenerate.

At Kiosk Radio

Eva L'Hoest

A conversation between Eva L'Hoest and curator Antoinette Jattiot about L'Hoest's installation of three sculptures and a video triptych, 'Shitsukan Of Objects', in the exhibition Regenerate.

Podcast, 34:34

Corentin Grossmann

Corentin Grossmann talks to Claire Leblanc, curator at the Museum of Ixelles, about Corentin's work presented in the group exhibition Regenerate at WIELS.

Podcast, 33:17

Batsheva Ross

Batsheva Ross talks with artist and writer Perri MacKenzie about Ross’ work in the exhibition Regenerate, how it developed, her studio process and the installation of the works.

Podcast, 32:32

Cecilia Bjartmar Hylta

Cecilia Bjartmar Hylta and artist Marina Pinsky take the installation Calculation of Incoherence by Bjartmar Hylta in Regenerate as the starting point of this conversation.

Podcast, 27:24