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Visual Thinking Strategies: Teaser Evening (FR)

Guided tour
Guided tour on Sunday
16 10 2019 18:30 20:00
Visual Thinking Strategies soirée dintro

Exhibition view René Daniëls, WIELS, 2018. Photo: Alexandra Bertels

In collaboration with Matchbox vzw/asbl.

Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS) is a method of discussion that can be used when looking at objects and artworks. The technique is easy to learn and enhances the art experience, encourages critical thinking and responds to the individual participant’s language competences, self-expressions and problem-solving abilities. VTS originated at the University of Harvard (USA) and guides, teachers and other group leaders use the technique worldwide together with audiences of all ages.

During the teaser evening, the participants follow a tour with Julie Rodeyns of Matchbox vzw through one of the exhibitions in WIELS where they will test various Artful Thinking and Visual Thinking techniques.

02.10.2019 (NL - FULLY BOOKED) & 16.10.2019 (FR), 18:30-20:00
No prior experience required
Upon registration (obligatory)
More about VTS here