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Véronique Danneels : Delights in Trockel's Manner

11 05 2012 00:00 01:00

This conference proposes to "read" some of the works exhibited at WIELS from a feminist perspective. We will go through Trockel's oeuvre by means of a demanding but evoluting framework. The visual pleasures and joyful exercises of mental unravelling of Trockel's work will be emphasized.

Véronique Danneels Délices à la façon Trockel

Véronique Danneels (1958) is historian of feminist art, guide-lecturer at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium / KMSKB, and freelance consultant in other institutions and collections in Brussels. PhD student at VUB, her thesis examines the impact of the second wave of the American feminist movement (1968-1975) on the artistic production and criticism. Since 1981, Véronique Danneels has lived and worked in Brussels, Cologne, Berlin, New York, Valencia, San Francisco and Paris.