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Untitled Ceremony #06 (2015), performance by Béatrice Balcou

24 06 2015 18:30 20:30

Fascinated by the way we encounter art works, Béatrice Balcou creates ceremonies that focus all our attention on the moment of looking. She creates performances called ceremonies, intimate moments of intense observation of the work of another artist:

Through ritual – essentially, the installation of the work – my ceremonies create an ephemeral community around a single object and raise questions about how we look at artworks. They invite us to be more attentive to the work and to our experience of it. During the ceremony, the work becomes sacred at the same time that it is demystified, because we discover the way it is packaged, handled and installed.

For Un-Scene III, she has developed a new ceremony around a work borrowed from the collection of Herman Daled. This will take place on two occasions during the exhibition, outside of WIELS’ usual opening hours. Before and after the ceremony, the work remains in the exhibition, presented inside its transport crate, its identity kept secret.

Not suitable for children
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Untitled Ceremony 06 2015 performance par Béatrice Balcou COMPLET

Untitled Ceremony #06 © Béatrice Balcou. 2015