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The Baudouin/Boudewijn Experiment (2001/2017), Carsten Höller

08 05 2017 00:00 01:00

Carsten Höller describes The Baudouin/ Boudewijn Experiment (2001/2017) as “a deliberate, non-fatalistic large-scale group experiment in deviation.”

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Carsten Höller, The Baudouin/Boudewijn Experiment: A Deliberate, Non-Fatalistic Large Scale Group Experiment in Deviation, 2001/2017, © Belga Archives.

On 4 April 1990, King Baudouin, who had refused to give his assent to a law to decriminalise abortion since the 1970s, was declared by the Government to be incapable of governing for 24 hours. In 2001, at Höller’s instigation, 100 people shut themselves off from the rest of the world for 24 hours and put their lives on hold at the Atomium (symbol of Expo 58). Now in 2017, the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and WIELS are bringing this invisible work back to life as part of The Absent Museum. In Palais de la Dynastie, a building constructed to welcome the heads of state during Expo 58, 100 people who do not know one another will be enclosed for 24 hours without any activities planned.

In collaboration with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts
08.05, 10:00 > 09.05, 10:00
(! Change of date : from 22 to 8 May !)
24 hours
Palais de la Dynastie / Dynastiepaleis
Participation is free, booking required via Kunstenfestivaldesarts