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Film screening: Joana Ascensão, Pintura Habitada (EN)

27 11 2016 15:00 17:00

A film about the work of Helena Almeida, an artist who, since the late 60’s, has created a body of work in which she explores the limits of self-representation and the frontiers of different media, be it painting, drawing, photography or video. Inhabited Painting focuses on the various elements involved in the elaborate creative process through which Helena Almeida constructs her pieces, from her first studies right up to the exhibition of her finished works. Inhabited Painting is a film about the artist Helena Almeida. Saying this, that it is "about Helena Almeida”, may be misleading, given that "biography” is far from being the film’s motive – and the fact that we rarely see the face of the artist (in some shots, ostensibly cut by framing) only serves to emphasise this fact. It does not seek to depict "the person”, but to demonstrate the relationship between the artist, the ways of working and the oeuvre, to see how the body (mostly the hands) "lives” in her painting, her photography and her video. (Luís Miguel Oliveira)

In Portuguese, with English subtitles

Projection de film Joana Ascenso Pintura Habitada