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Launch PETUNIA 6

19 12 2014 19:00 20:00

The feminist art and entertainment magazine Petunia presents a new lecture by Lili Reynaud-Dewar, co-editor of the magazine, at WIELS, Brussels on the occasion of the launch of its sixth issue, hosted in collaboration with local contributors Buenos Tiempos, Int.

Présentation PETUNIA 6

In the lecture Mon épidémie, Reynaud-Dewar describes her experience of the emergence of AIDS and her position towards the fear of contamination that was symptomatic of the 1990s.

Reynaud-Dewar refers to bareback, which appeared during the mid-1990s, as a radical practise in which contamination became the main issue of a sexuality that was ritualised and turned into protest. She also speaks about the conflicts that violently divided French intellectuals and activists over what constituted prevention.

In 2014, developments in the field of prevention and the diversity of methods (PrEP, Truvada, microbicides etc.) allow us to imagine a sexuality that surpasses the systematic use of condoms and the default mode of monogamy. Here, when looking back to the 1990s, the question of moral transformation arises.

Petunia 6 contributors: Marie Angeletti, Tenzing Barshee, Anna-Sophie Berger, Buenos Tiempos, Int., Jana Euler, Jeanne Graff, Adriana Lara, Kate Newby, Linda Nochlin & Julia Trotta, Emilie Pitoiset, Myles Starr, Susana Vargas-Cervantes and Alexandra Zuckermann. Design: Ramaya Tegegne.

Petunia 6, in English and French, 80 Pages, 5 euros. Published by Orlando Press.

19.12.2014, 19:00