Wiels | EN

Presentation of the Artists-in-Residence (EN)

15 09 2016 18:30 20:00

The new artists-in-residence introduce you to their work through a series of short and diverse presentations. Come and meet the artists who are working at WIELS during the coming months. As always, mentor Willem Oorebeek will host the evening.

- Charlotte vander Borght (b.1988 Belgium; lives in Brussels)
- Kasper Bosmans (b.1990 Belgium; lives in Brussels)
- Ane Mette Hol (b.1979 Norway; lives in Oslo)
- Lazara Rosell Albear (b.1971 Cuba; lives in Brussels)
- Marije de Wit (b.1979 the Netherlands; lives in Rotterdam)

Présentation des artistes en résidence

Ane Mette Hol, Drawing Attention (Barrier Tape), 2016. Dry pastel and glue on Japanese paper, 7.8 cm x 3.7 m. Photo courtesy of OSL Contemporary, Oslo